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Super Hi-Capacity Magazines

The 9mm version holds 33 rounds and is a Glock Factory Magazine.

The .40 caliber version holds 29 rounds and is made by Scherer.

The .45 caliber magazine holds 25 rounds and is also made by Scherer.

I've tested them and they all functioned flawlessly in my guns! I trust you will use them for sporting and self-defense purposes only.

Please Note: the 25 Round 45 Caliber magazine will not function in the new Glock 21 SF models.

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high capacity magazine

GLOCK: How to Shoot

Complete information on how to shoot, disassemble, maintain, lubricate and reassemble Glock pistols. Information applies to ALL Glock models 17 - 36. This program was designed to help the gun owner, shoot better, and understand how semi-automatic pistols operate. Excellent animation sequences show cutaway views of pistol firing and cycling, as well as proper sight picture and alignment. Features Bill Wilson, champion pistol shooter.

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Lone Wolf - Threaded Barrels

Lone Wolf Distributors match grade replacement barrels are manufactured from the highest grade mill select 416 stainless forgings. CNC machined and heat treated, providing a life time of service and unparalleled accuracy at an affordable price. The standard groove and land rifling make this an excellent choice for those who wish to shoot lead, plated or jacketed bullets. Can be used in factory ported or stock pistols.

Special features include:
· Ready to use, pre-fit drop in. No gunsmithing required.
· Precision machined from heat treated 416R stainless forgings.
· Oversized lock-up area produces greater shot-to-shot accuracy.
· Tighter dimensions than the original
· Polished feed ramp and bore, diamond turned exterior Maximum chamber support, improved feed ramp design. Match grade broach cut rifling and target crown.
· Lifetime warranty.

Ok to use lead, plated or jacketed bullets.
Lone Wolf Distributors will replace any of our barrels or barrel accessories which are found to have manufacturing or material defects.

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Tritium Night Sights for your Glock

We've put together a complete Do-it-Yourself Kit that includes an easy-to-follow DVD that shows you step-by-step installation procedures. With the right sights, the Glock is capable of 1.5 inch groups at 25 yards. In my self-defense guns I want TRITIUM Night Sights. The Night Sights glow-in-the-dark because of the TRITIUM inserts in both the front and rear sights. They will glow for the next 10 years and no batteries are ever required!

The instructional video is free with your purchase of these high-quality TRITIUM Night Sights. You'll learn how to remove the factory sights and how to install the rear notch sight and the front post. Both are illuminated by the glow-in-the-dark inserts. The rear sight is low profile and non-snag... a real plus for concealed carry.

The kit is complete, including the free how-to DVD, loctite threadlocker, front sight tool and Night Sights for your glock.

The sights are available for all Glock models 17-39. The front sight glows green, and the two dots in the rear sight glow yellow. Installation takes less than 20 minutes, so order two or three sets for your Glock collection!

Comes with free installation video.

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lone wolf threaded barrels

Checkered Grip for your Glock

This new technique will give your Glock a unique look and absolutely best grip you have ever experienced. You’ll never have your Glock slip in your hand again. It is far superior to slip on grips and stick on grips; however, it does alter the frame forever. Our craftsmen actually emboss a checkered pattern into your Glock’s frame. This alters your frame permanently and makes your grip extremely tacky so that it stays put in your hand under even the most humid conditions. To order, take the upper portion of your Glock off the frame and send the lower portion only (the frame) in for checkering. We will return the frame within two weeks. Applies to all model Glock handguns and Springfield XD handguns.

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checkered grip for glock

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